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Nanometer pigment series

      Nanometer pigment dispersive liquid——CHN series general top grade waterborn color paste,oily color paste and pre-dispersive pigment color flake.This product is recently developed by our company and top grade. It has excellent light resistance, stability,etc.
Product features and application of CHN series general top grade waterborn color paste and oily color paste
& light reistance, weatherability, removal resistance and good hot stability.
& thin pigment particle, narrow grain size distribution and good transparency
& viscidity of products is low(< 500CPS). It has better fluidity and is easy to operation of mixing colors.
& color phase is pure;saturated; bright luster and full chromatogram.
& adopting eco-friendly, safe and innoxious solvent and additive.
& Non-resin, safe to use,convenient and reliable.
& CHN-8403 adopting non-conductive carbon black production, and can be used for insulation ink and paint.
& Widely used in sheet metal, aluminum membrane, transparent film, cardboard,color printing and so on; wooden furniture, leather and fabric, surface finishing,etc; metal parts and plastic parts,surface coating,etc; high-grade waterborne automotive paint, paint, ink, paint industry and thermal transfer, etc.
Product features and application of CHN series pre-dispersive nanometer pigement color flake:
· Products are small solid particles of, safe to use, convenient and environmentally friendly.
· adopting PET modified resin as base material
· pigment content of products is above 50 percent besides taking the good performance of nanometer general color paste
· Wider application of coloring spinning; glass painting pigments, aluminum coating; alcohol-based erasable whiteboard marker pen and ink; production of flexographic ink, paper, metal, glass, plastics,printing,etc.



Disclaimer: The data listed above is for reference only, prior to use, the customer should do the necessary tests.


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